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The new rental accommodation in La Guyonnière in 2017

You already know that at La Guyonnière our aim is to make you feel the best that we can. That’s why every year, we replace the oldest accommodations on our premises. In 2017, we say goodbye to old 29m², 32m², 36m² and 40m² Chalets.

And what better could this ‘golden oldies’ be replaced with than an entirely brand new type Read More →

Camping Trends

Trends in the camping world change every year in France, and the rest of Europe. New concepts are often introduced, with the main goal of meeting the needs and wishes of every guest, as well as taking nature and the camp sites themselves into account. The Vendée region, the number 1 touristic region of the French Atlantic coast and the 4th best tourist destination in France, is a perfect place for Read More →

La Guyonnière, a Dutch story

The start of an adventure

It all started in Holland, where the owner of the campsite, Pierre Jaspers, was born.
Together with his pregnant wife and 1-year-old son he crossed a few
European borders to settle in the south of France. Their dream? To become owners of a campsite
. Read More →